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my name is kate

the things on this blog are things i like. things that interest me. things i find on the nets. none is mine, unless i say otherwise. enjoy my interests.

things i like: cats, animals, stars, shiny things, crystals, goth and dark things, unicorns, dreamcatchers, yin & yangs, ankhs, pyramids, egyptian mythology and symbology, owls, cute things, sanrio, san-x and other related cute characters, japanese culture, origami, mythology, fantasy, ancient history, candles, incense, roses, pretty flowers, music, david and leigh eddings (authors), harry potter, the beatles, fascinated by fire (but i’m not a pyromaniac), bright colours, pastels, rainbows, studio ghibli/hayao mizayaki’s works, some vintage/retro things, gypsies/hippy things

instagram: @zorkat

when you fix something broken and somehow feel like you’ve achieved something wonderful and you’re an amazing magical handy woman who can do anythang

Sometimes the struggle and frustration to follow conversations (in particular, group ones) becomes too much and I wonder what’s the point.

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i’m quite very tispy and yeah…



three times tonight i’ve felt tears stream down my face…

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So this morning at 2:30am, while I was awake, in bed and on my phone in the room next door, my housemate woke up to two random guys standing over him in his bed,

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tumblr has twice now recommended anti-feminist tumblrs to me - um excuse me? what is this ignorant bullshit, i can’t believe people are this dumb…. stop suggesting idiotic tripe to me! makes me want to slap some ignorant, whining, lil bitch who knows nothing about what they’re talking about.

nsfw convo i had with my brother

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When answering job application questions:
"What is your most significant achievement and how does this relate to the position you have applied for? "

I hate these type of questions. I don’t fucking know. I haven’t achieved any fucking thing. How about “Not falling pregnant by accident”, “Not getting myself killed”, “Getting out of bed today”  or “Cleaning my room without getting distracted by the things I find”… *grumbles*

For someone who wears a lot of black clothing, I really love rainbows. 

who knew i owned so much crap. good riddance!

Half the rubbish collected, two piles of washing waiting for the machine and make up station cleared, decluttered and re-organised. 99.9% of the room to go… -_- musn’t.give.up.

The idea of completely cleaning out your room sounds great until you realise how MUCH work there is to do -_-’ Guess I’ll just have to tackle it a bit at a time.

Kinda wish I could start cleaning my room out right now but it’s 2:53am and I don’t want to wake up my housemates (their bedrooms’ are on either side of my wall)

it’s my birthday in two minutes.