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x visions of zor x
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my name is kate

the things on this blog are things i like. things that interest me. things i find on the nets. none is mine, unless i say otherwise. enjoy my interests.

things i like: cats, animals, stars, shiny things, crystals, goth and dark things, unicorns, dreamcatchers, yin & yangs, ankhs, pyramids, egyptian mythology and symbology, owls, cute things, sanrio, san-x and other related cute characters, japanese culture, origami, mythology, fantasy, ancient history, candles, incense, roses, pretty flowers, music, david and leigh eddings (authors), harry potter, the beatles, fascinated by fire (but i’m not a pyromaniac), bright colours, pastels, rainbows, studio ghibli/hayao mizayaki’s works, some vintage/retro things, gypsies/hippy things

instagram: @zorkat

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