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my name is kate

the things on this blog are things i like. things that interest me. things i find on the nets. none is mine, unless i say otherwise. enjoy my interests.

things i like: cats, animals, stars, shiny things, crystals, goth and dark things, unicorns, dreamcatchers, yin & yangs, ankhs, pyramids, egyptian mythology and symbology, owls, cute things, sanrio, san-x and other related cute characters, japanese culture, origami, mythology, fantasy, ancient history, candles, incense, roses, pretty flowers, music, david and leigh eddings (authors), harry potter, the beatles, fascinated by fire (but i’m not a pyromaniac), bright colours, pastels, rainbows, studio ghibli/hayao mizayaki’s works, some vintage/retro things, gypsies/hippy things

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Skinny Scrollbar Code (colour customisable!)

how to get skinny cute scrollbar for your blog: open up your theme’s custom html code (customise > edit html) and paste the code below directly under <style type=”text/css”>. (use ctrl + f to find it if need be).

change the colours to what you like; the top colour is the whole bar, the second colour is the little bit that moves up and down. (here is a post that tells you what is what in picture form)

rounded corners:

::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 6px; height: 4px; background: #ffffff; }
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #000000; -webkit-border-radius: 1ex; }

square corners with border:

::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 9px; height: 3px; background: #FFFFFF;}
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color:#ffffff ; border: 1px solid black;}

UPDATED: you can also add border to rounded corners and also change the colour of the border. Simply add the following code (change to desired colour) to whichever one you want to have the border:

border: 1px solid #ffffff;

you can also swap the word solid for the following:

dotted, dashed, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset. 

click here to see what they look like

click #zorkat_helps for more handy info!

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